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Los Angeles has been known to have some of the best nightclubs with a performance as the main attraction. Angelenos will never forget nightclub performances such as the Pussycat Dolls, or cabaret of 40 Deuce, or even the multiple strip tease dance performances SBE clubs brought to Hollywood. There is a new burlesque act in town, Luxe Obscura just hit Hollywood. Think Betsy Johnson meets the Kardashians on stage at a hot spot; “must see”; in the NOW LA; sort of millennial scene… if you get my drift.

Luxe Obscura at The Sayers Club, another “guy behind the guy” attraction, bold immersive performance that returns passion, decadence and grandeur to cabaret.  The party included a taste of the stage show with dancers performing on every surface for a full 360 experience.  The choreographed dance production, which utilizes the entire venue as its stage, features a powerful live band and stadium rock tour lighting that consumes the room in raw erotic chaos. The live show, which officially opens to the public on July 28, envelops the audience in full spectrum multimedia indulgence; a performance that delivers sophistication and decadence. The creative vision of internationally acclaimed stage artist and choreographer, Molly D’amour, the theatrical show presents a cabaret performance like no other, taking the typical interpretation to the next level, never-before-seen in Los Angeles.


The difference between the elevated cabaret shows that once happened at Greystone Manor, or the performance on the center stage at Playhouse, and many other memorial Nightlife venues in LA, is that at this Sayers Club enactment, the visuals are all around you. The dancers come through the audience and so close to you, you feel you are faced with an intense instant of awareness. Some may feel a bit uncomfortable when a dancer is prancing near them, others may be aroused and excited. Whatever the feeling captured, the audience is captured.

So if you are wondering what to do this weekend, look no further as this is the must see show in town that is worth the drive, drink, and dance. Luxe Obscura will be offered to patrons weekly as a Saturday night destination.  Tickets are available for $35.  Doors open at 9pm with show commencing at 10pm. For online ticketing please visit

The creative vision of internationally acclaimed stage artist. choreographer, director and star Molly D’amour with executive producer, Neil Kadisha, the theatrical performance is a  return to the passion and grandeur of cabaret.

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