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By Hannah Muehlberger

This year, Los Angles is hosting its 6th Annual Food Bowl! Now that annual events are getting back to normal, now is the time to soak up every event you go to! L.A. Times Food Bowl, presented by City National Bank, is a monthlong festival taking place this September celebrating the city’s diverse food scene combining the best of local eateries and world-renowned culinary talent, featuring the Night Market food festival, pop-up dining events, unique chef collaborations, panel discussions, and other food-inspired events across Los Angeles. Here is an outline of the month’s main events that are too yummy and amazing to miss!

September 1st: Grandmaster Recorders Launch Party

Join the Food Bowl Launch Party as they kick off the 2022 series of events all over Los Angeles throughout September. They are celebrating the festival launch at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood on Thursday, September 1. The night will feature special tastings from exciting guest chefs, and live DJs, as well as cocktails, beer & wine, included. Plus, the L.A. Times Food team General Manager Laurie Ochoa will honor this year’s recipients of the Restaurant of the Year and Gold Award with a live presentation of the awards.





September 2nd and 3rd: Restaurant of the Year

Food Bowl is excited to celebrate the winner of the Los Angeles Times 2022 Restaurant of the Year award, Anajak Thai, and chef Justin Pichetrungsi. After learning how to cook from his father, the second-generation chef & owner has edited the baseline menu at Anajak Thai to about two-dozen dishes — a handful of curries, including the custardy haw mok steamed with dry-aged branzino and egg), stir-fries and plates like grilled pork with fiery chile dipping sauce and cooling sticky rice. On weekends, guests who can get a table experience provocative, reservations-only omakase meals. Or check out the walk-in-only Thai Taco Tuesdays, set up in the alley behind the restaurant. Each is accompanied by an Old World-leaning wine program. The 6th annual L.A. Times Restaurant of the Year was chosen by Food Critic Bill Addison. It will be celebrated with one-of-a-kind intimate omakase dinners featuring 8 to 10 specially selected courses for 20 guests at a time.

TIME: 6:00 PM, 8:30 PM

LOCATION: Anajak Thai, Sherman Oaks

September 9th & 10th: Gold Award with Meals by Genet

The Gold Award was created by and named after former L.A. Times Food critic and editor, Jonathan Gold. In the 6th year of selecting a winner, their new Food editorial team’s General Manager and wife of late Jonathan Gold, Laurie Ochoa has chosen the 2022 winner, in his honor. Food Bowl is excited to celebrate the winner of the Los Angeles Times 2022 Gold Award, Meals by Genet. Chef Genet Agonafer’s vegetarian combination platter still reigns among the city’s supreme meat-free pleasures, a color wheel of bright green collards, ruddy lentils and orange-tinted split peas, turmeric-stained cabbage and carrots, tomato salad and lemony beets. And it’s hard to envision L.A. dining culture without her doro wat, chicken simmered with sharp, earthy berbere spices for two days until every flavor blends into indivisible harmony. In May 2021, Genet announced her semi-retirement and closed her restaurant to dining, only offering takeout from her Little Ethiopia institution. In celebration of the Gold Award, Genet will open her doors once again and host a select number of all-inclusive family-style dinners featuring the menu’s most delicate dishes. Dinner tickets include a selection of appetizers, mains, beer, wine, and dessert.

TIME: 7:00 PM, 7:15 PM, 7:30 PM, & 7:45 PM

LOCATION: Meals by Genet, Little Ethiopia


September 23rd, 24th, and 25th: Paramount Pictures Studio Night Market 

Reflecting the Los Angeles Times’ award-winning coverage of all things edible, Night Market is a three-night gastronomic adventure taking place September 23-25 that will highlight distinct aspects of food culture in Southern California. Each of the events features all-inclusive food and drink tastings from more than 50 of the area’s top restaurants, cooking and mixology demonstrations, wine seminars, and panel discussions with different lineups to try each night! Friday, Sept. 23rd is the Smoked Soirée from 8 pm-11 pm which features BBQ and burgers to smoked infused cocktails and grilled desserts. Join the top chefs, pitmasters, burger aficionados, and grilling experts serving up their best dishes, side by side. This late-night event will be filled with libations, live DJs, and delicious desserts. Saturday, Sept. 24th is Saturday Night Flavor from 7 pm-10 pm. This includes Thai Town to Little Ethiopia, Fairfax to San Gabriel Valley – explore all the flavors of LA, together for one night. Enjoy Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and more for a night that is authentically Los Angeles. As part of Saturday’s event, LA Times Food Columnist Jenn Harris will curate a selection of dumplings featured on her all-new show Bucket List: Dumplings. And to end things on a sweet note, Sunday, Sept. 25th is the Backlot Brunch from 2 pm-5 pm. Join the L.A. scene as they brunch with the stars on the backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios. From the glitz and glam of Hollywood to the surf and sand of the beach, celebrate the diversity of Los Angeles with us by eating your way through the city bite by bite. Below are the restaurants that will be participating:

71Above · Angry Egret Dinette · Apollonia’s Pizzeria · Avant Garden Bistro · B Sweet · Banh Oui · bb.q Chicken USA · Beauty & Essex · Bianca · Black Market Liquor Bar · Blackbird Pizza Shop · Budonoki · Casa Vega · Causita LA · Chao Krung · CHD Mandu · DAMA · Ditroit · Dune · El Ruso · Employees Only · Eszett · Evil Cooks · Fanny’s · Fanny’s Restaurant · Gabi James · Gino’s East of Chicago – Los Angeles · Go Go Gyoza · Heavy Handed · Here’s Looking at You · Heritage Barbecue · HomeState · Hotville Chicken · Hui Tou Xiang · ILE · Jitlada · Katsu Sando · Kobee factory · Krapow · Kuya Lord · LA Cha Cha Chá · Little Dom’s · LOAM · Lum Ka Naad · MANEATINGPLANT · Mayura Indian Restaurant · Mini Kabob · MIRAME · Momed · Olivia · Pasta Sisters · Piccalilli · Piccadilly Grace + San Marino Café & Marketplace · Pop’s Bagels · Poppy + Rose · Potato Chips Deli · RiceBox · Ronan · RYLA · SLAB BBQ · Soosh! · STK Steakhouse · Tabula Rosa Bar · Taco’s 1986 · The Arbour · The Bad Jew x Highly Likely Cafe · The Brothers Sushi · Tokki · Tuk Tuk Thai · Uli’s Gelato · Yakiniku Osen


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