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Los Angeles is not a city that is synonymous with pizza. Chicago and New York have a claim to the creation of America’s favorite food that the West Coast has never been able to match. However, just because Los Angeles is not exactly known for its pizza does not mean there are not many viable and delicious options available to pizza connoisseurs looking to get their fix in the City of Angels. Here is our list of the ten best places to get pizza in the city, in no particular order:

1. Sotto
Located on Pico Boulevard in Southern Beverly Hills, Sotto offers up a wide array of new pizza and pasta options. With everything from a basic Margherita pizza to a squid ink campanelle, Sotto’s eclectic menu indeed has something for everyone.

2. Il Romanista
Situated on Douglas Street in El Segundo, il Romanista was L.A.’s first Roman-style pizza place. They specialize in hot, fresh, square Roman-style slices that are ready almost immediately. For a quick bite or a light lunch, il Romanista is a great option.

photo credit: Prova Pizza

3. Prova
On Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood sits Prova, a sizeable pizza spot with an owner in Vito Iacopelli who has been in the game as long as anyone. They recommend the “La Vito,” a delicious creation of mortadella, string cheese-like stracciatella, and pistachio.

4. Paperboy Pizza
Located on the second floor of The Gallery Food Hall on the Third Street Promenade, Paperboy Pizza is as delicious as it is unique. With a punk rock-aesthetic, a fun menu, and some wicked flavor, Paperboy is one of the best-kept pizza secrets in the greater Los Angeles area…..though probably not for long.

5. Dough Box
On Eastern Avenue lies Dough Box, El Sereno mainstay that has always offered phenomenal pies but now sells by the slice as well. A true homage to the Chicago deep-dish classic, the pizza at Dough Box is sure to hit the spot if you should happen to find yourself with a craving for the ultimate Midwest comfort food.

6. Triple Beam Pizza
Another establishment that, like Paperboy Pizza, only just arrived on the scene in 2018, Triple Beam is situated in Highland Park and offers up decadently cheesy Roman-style pizza by the slice. Despite not even being a year old, it is already quickly becoming a Highland Park mainstay, with a revolving menu of quality pizza options that changes often.

Photo Credit: Infatuation


7. South End
You would expect a pizza place in the part of town called “Venice” to maybe adhere to some classic Italian roots when it comes to pizza creation, and, when it comes to South End, you would be correct. With offerings like a prosciutto and spinach green salad pizza, lightly dressed, with a fried egg on top, South End is an ideal pizza place for the true connoisseur.

8. Prime Pizza
Located in the WeHo/Beverly Grove area, Prime Pizza is your classic pizza, in the best possible way: hot, quick, enormous, loaded with cheese, and available by the slice. Plus, they deliver!

9. Pizzeria Mozza
Having opened in 2006, Pizzeria Mozza is a dinosaur in the land of L.A. Pizza. Having opened in 2006 with the oversight of Iron Chef Mario Batali himself, the folks at Mozza were some of the first to start cranking out authentic, flavorful New York-style pizzas on the West Coast. While they may no longer be the only players in the game anymore, Mozza still boasts a delicious offering that shouldn’t be ignored when scouring L.A. for the best pizza options.

10. Jon & Vinny’s
As great as authentic, traditional pizza is, sometimes it can be fun to step outside your comfort zone with flavors. Enter Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, who pride themselves on delicious, one-of-kind dough preparation (a two-day process!) and unique combinations of flavor profiles. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their breakfast pizza! It indeed is a unique option amidst a West Coast city that is suddenly full of stellar pizza options.

Photo Credit: Jon &  Vinnys LA Times

If you are not from LA and unsure where to go to check out all of LA’s best Pizzerias, head over to LA TIMES FOOD BOWL in May and check out A Tutta Pizza Fest, which happens annually. Live Nation, Italia, and Peroni will showcase pizza, pizza and more pizza! The event will bring together some of the best gourmet pizzas in Los Angeles and the chefs who craft them. Enjoy all-you-can-eat slices from New York to Chicago, and Roman to Neapolitan — plus craft beers; panels and Q&As with members of the Los Angeles Time Food Team, chefs, vendors, and food aficionados.  The Italian phrase “a tutta pizza” translates to “all-out pizza” … so that’s what you can expect along with cooking demos, culinary workshops, Music curated by Delicious Vinyl, and gelato!  So have no fear when it comes to understanding the best pies in LA.

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