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Eating gluten-free is tough no matter how you look at it, especially if you suffer from celiac disease, it is your only option. But, as more people are discovering, even for individuals with no health problems whatsoever, choosing to go gluten-free can provide a wide array of health benefits.

In simple terms, gluten is a protein that exists naturally in wheat, rye and barley, and so is found most commonly in cereals, breads and grains. Gluten is used in food creation primarily as a means for maintaining elasticity and/or chewiness. As a result, it is often an unnatural inclusion in many food products.

Some of the benefits of eating gluten-free can include alleviation from severe allergies, improved cholesterol levels, improved digestive health, increased energy, reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and other ailments, and a heightened immune system. Going gluten-free can help promote weight loss as well.

Founded in New York City, Feel Good Foods is the collaborative effort of two chefs committed to eating healthy and helping others to do so as well. Their line of gluten-free food product options include three varieties each of: Egg Rolls (chicken, vegetable and shrimp), Potstickers (chicken, vegetable and pork), Empanadas (chicken, vegetable and beef), Taquitos (chicken & chipotle, pinto & cheddar and beef & cheddar), and Snack Bites (chicken sausage & broccoli, pepperoni and three cheese). Every item is microwaveable and conveniently-priced.

For most people who suffer from poor diet, the excuses for eating poorly are typically either time or cost. Thanks to the rise of companies like Feel Good Foods making healthy food that is both cost-effective and readily-available, those excuses are becoming far less viable. Most of these microwavable bites are found in several stores, but the easiest to remember would be a local Target. Most people who cook at home and are gluten free find it easy to support their daily lifestyle with delicious meals, especially when cooking in their own home. However, when entertaining, having guests over, gluten free snacks can be hard to make or please everyone. One thing about Feel Good Foods is that there is no guilt in the snack, and it feels like you are eating fun appetizers and dishes. Gluten free foodies on the go often have a hard time finding something near by that is easily accessible. Having an option such as Feel Good Foods makes it easy for anyone to preheat and take on the go.


There was a time when going gluten-free meant sacrificing flavor for health. However, that stigma is quickly becoming a thing of the past, with popular restaurant chains like Boston MarketWendy’s, and Subway incorporating gluten-free options into their menus. And thanks to brands like Feel Good Foods, pursuing a gluten-free diet no longer requires a time commitment or a deep pocketbook, either.

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