Our Mission

Food is what makes me happy, cooking is what relaxes me, dining out keeps me inspired, and telling friends and family where to dine brings me pleasure. Based in Los Angeles, Food Flaunt covers all aspects of food and beverage in Southern California.  Food Flaunt is meant to share my personal experience and love of food and dining out with others who enjoy the art of eating well.

Food Flaunt celebrates those who create great meals,  the influencers pushing the boundaries and setting the standard for food & beverage in LA, as well as all the local the food festivals and celebrations that warm so many hearts. When we flaunt our food we shamelessly exhibit what we consume to manifest pleasure and joy.

Whether I am in my kitchen at home or traveling around the world looking for inspiration, Food Flaunt aims to provide helpful restaurant suggestions reflecting local culture and cuisine, offer product reviews, deliver chef recipes & interviews, and spotlight some of the tastemakers of our digital world who are also flaunting their food. Food Flaunt not only applauds restaurateurs, food fanatics, and those who create excellent feasts at home, but we also admire other digital influencers who fancy food and drinks.