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Home State Breakfast Tacos: Photo Credit LA Mag

There’s no other U.S. city like Los Angeles when it comes to tacos. There are tacos available everywhere at any time, but the best tacos spots are listed below. This compiles the most mouthwatering, delicious, and tasty tacos in Los Angeles, in no particular order.


1. Leo’s Taco Truck – The al pastor here is to die for and don’t forget the pineapples. Even better, they have multiple locations, so they’re also easier to catch for a late-night snack.

2. Mariscos Jalisco – Everyone loves the shrimp tacos here, and the best thing is you get a free shrimp taco with a Yelp check-in.

3. Guerrilla Tacos – People love the sweet potato taco at this restaurant. The combination of sweet potato and feta cheese mix so well that people always come back for more.

4. B.S. Taqueria – This restaurant is known not only for the delicious food but also for its uniqueness. The items on its menu include items such as bay scallop, eggplant, and mushroom tacos.

5. Ricky’s Fish Tacos – As the name says, this truck is known for its fish tacos. The tacos have crispy fried fish, fresh cabbage slaw, spicy salsa, and a special sauce to top it all off.

6. Sonoratown – Almost everything on the menu is accessible here. People all love the chivichanga, carmelo, and lorenza, but most of all, people love their fresh house-made tortillas.

7. Chicken Itza Restaurant – This restaurant has starred on prominent food shows and has been ranked as one of the top restaurants all with good reason. The panuchos and cochinita pibil have juicy meats with a variety of vegetables, all wrapped in warm homemade tortillas.

8. Mexicali Taco & Co – Everyone here orders the Vampiro quesadillas, which have hot stringy cheese, your choice of meat, and the famous delicious, unique garlic sauce.

9. Bar Ama – Everyone raves about the off the menu puffy tacos which have different filling options every day. It is slightly pricier, but the taste makes up for it.

10. HomeState – The queso here goes perfectly with their tortillas and breakfast tacos. As a tex-mex spot, the food is heavy, but it gives you a very satisfying food coma.


Bar Ama: Photo Credit Stan Lee of Eater LA

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