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Dave’s Hot Chicken – Hollywood

Dave’s Hot Chicken in Hollywood | Image courtesy of Dave’s Hot Chicken

Dave’s Hot Chicken is the newest Los Angeles food sensation everyone is raving about. Dave’s specializes in “Nashville-style” hot chicken and actually started out as nothing more than a simple pop-up concept in a parking lot. The menu itself is quite simple – you can order tenders or sliders with fries and a various choice of sides – but what is lacking in quantity is more than made up for in quality. You can get your chicken customized as spicy as you want, from no spice at all to the spiciest, Carolina Reaper pepper-based concoction, and everything in between. This spicy chicken has caught on to the degree that recently Los Angelinos have been seen waiting outside in hour-long lines just to try it! Dave’s is a must if you love spicy chicken, but it is definitely worth checking out even if you are not someone who loves the heat.


Olivetta – West Hollywood

Olivetta in West Hollywood | Image courtesy of Eater LA

Olivetta is a trendy, new spot that is absolutely perfect if you have a passion for atmosphere dining and are looking for a little ambiance amid the bustle and excitement of West Hollywood. The dining rooms are vibrant and colorful, with billowy, curtained ceilings and plush seating arrangements throughout. Olivetta even features an indoor-outdoor dining room, covered in beautiful light fixtures and elegant décor. The restaurant’s aesthetic comes courtesy of Fettle designer Tom Parker, and everything about your dining experience is designed to evoke feelings of elegance. Head chef Michael Fiorelli keeps the menu classically and traditionally Italian, with a touch of pan-Mediterranean flair. Fiorelli ties together the flavors of Greece, France, Italy, and Spain. Olivetta has a cocktail menu that is created by an award-winning mixologist. This restaurant will soon become a favorite on everyone’s list.


Gran Blanco – Venice Beach

Gran Blanco in Venice Beach | Image courtesy of Gran Blanco

Gran Blanco is a new Mediterranean style restaurant and bar located in the heart of Venice Beach. The owners of Great White, which is down the street, have created Gran Blanco. It resembles a hole in the wall a bar you would find somewhere in the Mediterranean. You walk in and you’re instantly taken out of Venice Beach. The high arched white ceilings are complimented by large olive trees and plants covering the walls. At nighttime, the lighting is dim and intimate. This trendy new bar and eatery bring the right atmosphere for a night out of the regular dining experience. The menu consists of unique dishes like Grilled Octopus, Chicken Schnitzel and Kampachi Crudo. Gran Blanco has an array of designed cocktails, along with a great list of wines. Definitely a great date spot or even a place to catch a late-night meal.


M. Georgina – Row DTLA

M. Georgina at Row DTLA | Image courtesy of The Robb Report

Another new, upscale, contemporary restaurant has opened up in the center of Row DTLA. M. Georgina is a new contemporary American restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients that made her Northern California Michelin-starred spots popular. The menu has memorable items like the Grilled Squid Ink Pita and Grilled Coulotte of Wagyu Beef. The artistic cocktails make this spot perfect for any type of evening out on the town, whether you want a great meal or some appetizers and quality drinks. The Sourdough Ice Cream has already become a fan favorite. The open industrial design of M. Georgina gives a simple feel, which allows the menu to speak for itself. The distinct items make this restaurant a perfect place for that special meal.


Red Herring – Pershing Square

Red Herring in Pershing Square | Image courtesy of Eater LA

Chef Dave Woodall and partner Alexis Martin Woodall, an Emmy award-winning television producer, have opened the new Red Herring in Downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant-style vintage glam interior gives this place a timeless feel. Red Herring brings a spin on a New American menu, serving various unique seafood dishes, pasta, and chop-style dishes. Signature dishes include Smoked Eggplant Dip, Duck Confit with Black Bean Sauce, and Pork Belly with Grits. The uniquely-crafted house cocktails are also designed to create new flavors on your palette.

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