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Food Flaunt had the pleasure to sit down with An Dyer of An Dyer is a digital influencer who has a wonderful style blog she discusses style & beauty news. When she is not introducing trends, An is snapping some of the best food shots we have seen. She is Vietnamese, born and raised in Southern California, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Follow An Dyer of and all of her fabulous #hautepinkFoodie shots here, she currently has over 600 foodie shots she has shared, and be prepared to drool.


Would you consider yourself a foodie? Absolutely

How long have you been cooking? I grew up helping my mom cook daily in the kitchen but I personally started cooking regularly when my husband, then boyfriend, and I got our first apartment together. I cooked dinner regularly, 5 nights a week!

What interests you most about cooking/food in general? I love that unlike any other skill, knowing how to cook and follow recipes enables you to eat whatever you want, virtually whenever you want it. There are not many life skills that change the game like that!

What is your favorite type of food? Oh I hate playing favorites with the things that I love but naturally, I’m Vietnamese so I’m partial to my ethnic cuisine. French & Italian are my other two favorites!

How often do you entertain and cook? Before moving to LA, I cooked on an almost daily basis. Living here for almost 5 years now, I’ve found myself cooking less and less but that’s only because access to amazing eats here is too easy! I probably cook two or three meals a week.

How often do you dine out? My husband actually loves cooking too so he helps make up for when I don’t. That being said, we still dine out all the time! I would say we dine out at least 1 meal a day.

What is your favorite appetizer to order? Carpaccio

What is your favorite cocktail/drink of choice? I prefer a simple vodka soda with muddled cucumbers.

What is your entrée I’m a red meat kind of girl so I always lean towards a good medium rare steak or braised short ribs. I’m also partial to duck, if it’s on the menu, I’m probably ordering it. My other weaknesses include fresh handmade pastas and shaved truffles on anything.

What is your favorite breakfast dish? If I’m whipping up breakfast, I pride myself on perfectly poached eggs. If I’m out for breakfast, I love smoked salmon, benedicts or splurging on soft scrambled eggs with caviar. Oh and if we’re talking brunch, I always always always order oysters! 

What is your favorite lunch item? I usually find myself going for a light sandwich or salads, or some type of Asian noodle soup like Pho or Raman.

Do you have a favorite chef, restaurant, or food city? Oh I have a favorite chef and restaurant in every city I’ve been to! Aside from LA, my most frequently visited cities are NYC & Vegas so I’ll tell you my favorites for each. In LA, my favorite Chef is Giselle Wellman at Petrossian, the restaurant itself is the cutest, most unpretentious luxury boutique and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who asks me about food in LA. If I had to choose one dish there, it would be the Egg Royale – small & unsuspecting but it’ll stop you in your tracks! I also adore Providence for the ultimate indulgence and Matsuhisa for their impeccable Omak’s. In NYC, all of David Chang’s restaurants are awesome but my favorite would specifically be Momofuku Ko. It’s a battle to get a reservation but so worth it and the cocktail/drink pairings are a must! My favorite NYC hidden gem would be Pata Negra for their signature Jamon Iberico Pata Negra and other mind blowing Spanish specialties. In Vegas, Paul Bartolotta & his namesake restaurant is my favorite. He flies his exotic seafood in fresh from the Mediterranean every morning and not only that, but they’re each thermo tagged with microchips and monitored to ensure they’re alive and never go above or under his specified temperature. Talk about white glove treatment!

What food trends are you most into at the moment? I definitely think Truffle is still holding strong as the trend of the moment.



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