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From the owners of Café Gratitude in Los Angeles, I bring you 2nd location GRACIAS MADRE in West Hollywood. Matthew and Terces Engelhart – they did it, and did it right. A vegan Mexican restaurant.

I had the pleasure to visit this restaurant – just a week after their opening. Located-directly across from Craig’s West Hollywood- lay this gem with a well-lit bar, dining lounge, and adobe/brick patio equipped with a candle lit prayer corner. Guests can literally dine on a full Mexican Vegan Cuisine menu and a 100% organic agave cocktail program… while confess their thoughts to a statue Mother Mary. After visiting Gracias Madre and feasting on their sopas, quesadillas, gorditas, and Escabeche- I was impressed and wanted more. I was lucky enough to sit down with Ryland Engelhart, Chief Inspiration Officer of Gracias Madre, West Hollywood and asked a few questions.

#1 Happy Bites- What is the concept behind Gracias Madre and tell me again how you were inspired?

Ryland Engelhart- Our Families Love for the flavor of Mexican Food and knowing the importance of Organic ingredients and seeing the void of a restaurant we desperately wanted to find. But it was not out there. Also this inspiration came through a trip to Mexico visiting the families of our beloved employees. Our Love of Mother Earth and the all the mothers that nurture the human family is what this restaurant is a devotion to.

#2 Happy Bites- Gracias Madre has garden fresh elements in the dishes…You spoke of these fresh ingredients and farmers markets-can you discuss which markets you choose from and how often?

Ryland Engelhart -We have our own farm, Be Love Farm that we get some of our produce from and beyond that we serve 100% organic ingredients mostly all coming from Southern California.

#3 Happy Bites -What is the most requested dish on the menu?

Ryland Engelhart -Our Home made Fresh Made Warm Corn Tortilla, with Guacamole and the Gorditas

#4 Happy Bites- the patio is quite large- will there be an offered happy hours or spring specials outside?

Ryland Engelhart -We do have a happy hour, and we plan to have events on the patio.

#5 Happy Bites -What is your favorite restaurant feature at Gracias Madre, West Hollywood?

Ryland Engelhart -The Alter to the Mother on the patio. Where you can place a prayer and light a candle

Best Bite- I tried many things on the menu, but I did not have one favorite dish- I had two; the Gorditas and Enchilada Con Mole. The Gorditas (Pictured Above) – was packed with flavor. Potato-masa cakes topped with warm salsa Verde, avocado, and cashew crème. The Cashew crème resembled sour cream, but had a buttery nut flavor that you could literally put on every dish as a side sauce. Last the Enchilada Con Mole, this dish is perfection. Spicy mole enchiladas topped with mushrooms and cashew cheese, served with sautéed greens and beans. Stay tuned for more…

Gracias Madre in West Hollywood
8905 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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