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Some of the best chefs show their true skills during Super Bowl Weekend. There are houses, restaurants, venues, and living rooms filled with proud American’s feasting on some of the Happiest Bites. Football is the American sport! From the west to the east coast of the United States, people will celebrate this game and do what they do best- EAT.

There are a few dishes that I look forward to annually, and really do not care if there is a first, second, or third helping with these calorie killers. Here are my top 10 Happy Bites of Super Bowl Sunday-

  • Wings! Wings! Wings!- (Pictured above- Alton Brown’s chicken wings). I do love the honey bbq sauced wings paired with a zesty ranch dressing- worth all the calories.
  • Hot Dogs- You could be grilling a sausage dog, traditional beef hot dog, or have pigs in a blanket on your dining table. Watch out because I will nab three. (Pictured above the Neely’s Recipe)
  • Dips- I love any dip with a sour cream base. So French onion, ranch, spinach, and aioli dips. Dare to check the calorie facts- these dips are 80% fat. View Site
  • Pizza- What is a Super Bowl party without pizza?
  • Guacamole and Chips- When made fresh, this is the dish I will finish, especially when made with extra cilantro. (Pictured above Food Network’s 7 layer dip)
  • Nachos- There is always that wonderful girlfriend who brings her homemade nachos with the braised shredded beef or chicken topping, top it with jalapenos and you are now my best friend.
  • SLIDERS- If you are having a Super Bowl party there is always one guy who wants to grill. Let him! All sorts of sliders work for me, fried chicken, pork, and of course beef.
  • Quesadillas- So simple to make, yet one can get so creative for the Big Game Day. Chicken, Beef, or Cheese – these bites are needed at any party.
  • Cookies- This is where you can splurge-Super Bowl football shapes, team logos, and designs that are created when making these sugar snacks.
  • Beer- There is really no need for explanation. The Super Bowl should really title “Super Beer Sunday”. 1 can is 154 calories, and a must- hands down. My favorite beer drink to make on Super Bowl Sunday is the Tecate Michelada.

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