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TacoLandia 2014

On June 28th, 2014 – LA Weekly brings you Tacolandia for the second year at El Pueblo de Los Angeles downtown. There are 78 attractions, 40 of which, Southern California’s best taco from some of the best restaurants and a tequila garden. Mariachi bands play in the back ground while stations of water and bud light post among the taco madness. At $45.00 dollars a ticket, a taco lover could splurge on bites from El Momo , Corazon y Miel, Cabo Chips, Goya, Mexicano, Guerrilla Tacos, Chicken Itza, Tortas Ahogadas Ameca, Peddy Cash, Pez Cantina, and Amor Y Tacos are just to name a few.

As one arrives to the festival- you check in and get a handheld map of the entire festival- thus you know which taco to attack first. As you enter there are two rows of tents serving mainly tacos, but some chefs were serving quesadillas, taquitos, and postres. Our first taco was from Corazon y Miel with their smelt taco, which was quite daring for our first. We then wandered over to the Jarritos soda truck, thus stumbling into another admission tent for the Tequila Garden. Many have heard of a beer garden, but that was not the case here. You pay $20.00 a person to get a tequila shot glass and a passport book, at which each tent you visit- you take a shot of something tequila in nature; popsicles, shots, to margarita specialty cocktails. Either way- no one is leaving that garden not ready for more tacos.

As we continued our journey through Tacolandia we of course had our most memorable tastes. Our 3 best bites were:


Pez Cantina taco -The original fish taco- avocado, red cabbage, corn tortillas, cilantro, onions, and cod that was delicious. The line was 30 minutes to get a Pez Cantina taco, which was the only stand that had the best equipped salsa bar.



Amor Y Tacos- serving short rib tacos with caramelized onions, pickled radish, raspberry morita salsa, crema, cilantro, cotija cheese, on a homemade flour tortilla. There are just no words. Perfection is one.




Tortas Ahogadas Ameca -The Tinga caiganle tacos were being served here, and I asked my self- “what is Tinga”?  I had to ask the lovely host serving the tacos three times to get the diction correct. Tinga meat- pork or chicken when braised has a spicy, smoky flavor from chipotle peppers. Topped with crema over a flour or corn tortilla – one would need no sauce. Get ready for spice!




If you are in the mood for some daring and delicious tacos from Southern California’s best chefs- Tacolandia is the place to visit annually.

(Pictured below-tastes of cheek, tongue, braised pork, and marinated chicken)




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