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Made in America Festival- Los Angeles

Made in America Music Festival presented by Budweiser started two years ago, in Philadelphia created by Jay Z, has landed in Los Angeles for Labor Day weekend. The festival lead by headliners such as Imagine Dragons, Kanye West, and John Mayer will take over Grand Park for two days spanning from City Hall to Music Hall. Most expected 50, 000 attendees, but Made in America- Los Angeles had a success of over 70,000 in attendance, displaying a massive success.


Jay Z, Budweiser and promoter Live Nation brought over 40 musical acts, a skate park, amusement park rides, food trucks, Budweiser beer gardens, and various vendor tents. Officials of Los Angeles, Downtown merchants, and residents did not know what to expect from such a festival that shut down streets in Philadelphia, supporting enormous crowds of people ensuing tremendous city damage, and affecting traffic. What was to come of Los Angeles- Made in America? No one knew until it would happen.

As we approached the park we entered through the welcome gates, security checks were not strict as we presented our tickets. A few friends of mine were able to enter with their own alcoholic beverages, and most security barely checked our handbags. Maps were being handed out to direct fans to three different stages; Marilyn, James Dean, and the Dylan stage- to see some of their favorite acts. I was shocked with the waves of crowds running through the streets of Los Angeles. It truly felt like Coachella in the City. It was perfect.


What happens when you have thousands of people singing & dancing in the sun through the evening? They get hungry, and Made in America- Los Angeles fed their fans by over 50 food trucks, and Budweiser beer gardens. Although it was fascinating to watch many of the City of Angeles come together as one singing some of their favorite tunes to Cypress Hill, Schoolboy Q, Iggy Azalea, and Sublime many could find a spot on the grass fields to watch, listen, and enjoy the shows. However, one could not get food or beverages without waiting in lines for more than three hours.

With all the many food trucks- owners and chefs did not expect the level of attendance that was had at Made in America creating famished lines of angry attendees with high demands. I actually felt bad for most of the food truck chefs- ticket orders running for over 8 hours with no ability to have breaks due to constant orders. Most food trucks ran out of supplies , dealt with screaming customers, and were subjected to angry social media comments due to the inability to meet the demands of the crowd requests. However- if the Made in America fan was smart – they would find in most Budweiser beer gardens there were not only hundreds of kegs flowing, but there were few food trucks untapped with lines. I happened to stumble upon the farthest beer garden up on Hill Street where there was not only a big screen tv streaming all stage performances, but a Budweiser restaurant where one could pay $30.00 dollars a head for one trip to the buffet line and two non-alcoholic beverages. The best part of the garden was not the restaurant, but the fact that Mama Masumbi food truck was present with no line.


Made in America Los Angeles it is a must, but next year let’s hope they have pop up restaurants, double the amount of food trucks, food tents, and double beer gardens.



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  • Gluay says:

    What a great trip you are on! What mountain did the guys climb? Looks like an amainzg view! Oh, and to weigh in on an upstate NY point of view, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” However you say it, the kids get the point! I’m hosting a link party today and would love if you would stop by. We’re talking about favorite iPad/iPod apps in the classroom!

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