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New to 3rd Street and Crescent Heights, Pistola resides in the old AOC space paying homage to the 1950’s iconic Italian establishments of New York City. Pistola will bring Los Angeles classic red sauce Italian dishes. Co-owners Vic Casanova of Gusto and Seth Glassman of Rivabella will offer comfort food that balances refreshed culinary cues from the great techniques of the present, and innovations of the future. The restaurant fills its’ menu with the highest quality, freshly imported ingredients from all over Italy, combined with local, predominately organic ingredients, upholding traditional Italian standards of simplicity and excellence in every meal. Classic dishes like Shrimp Scampi, Linguine Vongole, Lobster Fra Diavolo, Dover Sole Francese and Veal Parmigiana are spun with unique twists and elevated to new levels to make diners experience the past, present and future of Italian food. The exterior is modern, with dark and bold mahogany interiors. Pistola is a definite date spot, perfect for a Friday or Saturday night.


8022 W. 3rd St., Beverly Grove, 323-951-9800











Smoke Oil Salt

Brought to you by AdVantage Restaurant Partners, Adam Fleischman and Lee Weinberg, and Hollywood producer/executive Stephen Gelber, along with Chef Perfecto Rocher and hospitality veteran Jason Berkowitz, Smoke Oil Salt, located on Melrose Blvd in Los Angeles brings Angelinos back to Spain. Smoke Oil Salt is not easy to find, the Spanish seafood restaurant has no obvious restaurant sign on its’ exteriors, and is tucked under a tattoo parlor, which distracts those who pass it by. Smoke Oil Salt is probably some of the best traditional Catalonian food I have had in Los Angeles, since living in Spain for three months. Chef Perfecto Rocher presents Spanish dishes such as paella, fideua, grilled fish and seafood, vegetarian specialties, suckling pig, Spanish hams, cheeses, and more. Smoke Oil Salt definitely exudes that Spanish style, interiors that reflect brick walls, red walls, candle lit tables, dark wood furniture, a sommelier wine bar, and a large wood burning oven behind the front bar. My favorite part to my Smoke Oil Salt experience was the onsite sommelier who assisted with wine pairing to each ordered dish. Smoke Oil Salt is the perfect restaurant for fall dining, and on Sunday’s they offer a pre-fixe paella menu.


Smoke Oil Salt

7274 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tel: 323-930-7900





L’Assiette- Steak Frites

If you have ever visited Paris and dined at Relaise Entrecote  you then must crave true Steak Frites. A St.Germain attraction where there is no menu, but a line of people from all over the world waiting to be sat for the best steak and fries (pomme frites). Best part of the experience, is when you think you are done with the first serving of some of the most juicy meat and tasty sauce- they bring you more, and more, and more. New to LA and located off of Melrose Ave, L’Assiette- Steak Frites is my new home away from Paris. They celebrate the three elements that are most important in the preparation of a proper Steak Frite dish. First, the Sous-Vide prepared meat, the secret sauce, and lastly the  crispy pomme frites. If you want a Parisian experience, and do not have funds to cross the Atlantic, L’Assiette may be your go to destination. L’Assiette is affordable and has a late night menu.


L’Assiette- Steak Frites

7166 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tel: 323-274-2319










The Meat District Co.

Located on Raymond in Old Town Pasadena, The Meat District Co. opened in August this year, and is a definite fall favorite restaurant for Food Flaunt. Brothers Coco and Garry Simonian aim to please all those who love meat. That is right, steaks, ribs, burgers, fries, salads, and grilled meats. There are so many juicy choices on this menu, your mouth will be watering as you flip through their clever inspired menu. The Meat District Co. is known for their meat hook, 10oz of succulent chunks of natural ‘Never Ever’ prime dry aged NY sirloin, rib eye & fillet with peppers, onions & corn with creamy pepper sauce. Do not worry, there is a chicken hook as well that is a 10oz free range chicken breast & thigh, peppers, onion, corn with peri peri all on a hook. Their hook is known in other parts of the world as an espetada or hanging kebab or meat on a skewer. What I loved about the Meat District Co. was all the branding. They collaborated with design rm DS17 to create an enticing blend of old-school and contemporary style in an open yet rustic space, with large steak knives at table side, the symbol of their meat clever everywhere! Literally, the menu, the napkins, stickers, signs on the wall- everywhere. The Meat District Co. a must try when visiting Pasadena.


The Meat District Co.

69 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103 Tel: (626) 765-9902













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