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Senses are everything- senses are a vital part of our memories. It is those moments in life when you see something and think back to your childhood or young adulthood and remise of the moments that made you smile. Have you ever heard a song and signed saying “ugh I remember this song from…” Better yet, have you ever tasted something and it reminded you of growing up, or a moment in time that made you so happy, that you wish you were back when you had that first taste?

Hot Wings on Melrose brings back senses from growing up in LA that no other venue can. I was raised on Hot Wings Melrose in Los Angeles. My eldest sister would take my sister, her boyfriend’s brother, her boyfriend, and myself during my high school years to Hot Wings. All I remember is after driving to Malibu, hiking, a movie, or a family get together we would all end up at Hot Wings. Still to this day after 15 years- I order the same thing. Hot Wings opened in 1986, and today -the taste, quality, and atmosphere has never changed. This is why it is Hot Wings on Melrose- it is timeless.

My eldest sister would order the standard size of hot wings- 24 wings, all drum-bettes, with extra blue cheese. She would order the house lemonade, curly fries, and an order of zucchini fries with more blue cheese. All I remember growing up is whatever my big sister ordered it was perfect. As I got older, all I remember is how many table wet naps I would go thru after eating so many spicy wings.

The waitress will ask you- “would you like mild, spicy, or extra spicy?” – Today I get spicy, but had I dared to have anything but mild in high school or college I would never been able to handle the spice. Hot Wings opened a Glendale location in the early 2000’s, it did not have that same feeling that the Melrose location offered.

Today, I return often with my husband- I still order the exact same thing. It is nothing short from perfect.

They have not changed much, except update the bathroom. Menu is the same, atmosphere is the same, and the service is the same. Hot Wings on Melrose – it is an LA landmark; it is the only place in Los Angeles that I know today has the best wings and homemade blue cheese dressing and sauce.

Best Bite- the drum-ette wing at Hot Wings is braised perfectly; the deep fried delight has a crunch to every bite. The mild sauce is enough spice to lick your lips twice. When dipped into their homemade blue cheese you will get a chuck of cheese with every bite. Dip your fried zucchini in blue cheese and there is a sweet and salty taste to each bite. The curly fries are long and fun to unwind. Down it with their pink lemonade and you will want more.

Hot Wings Cafe
7011 Melrose Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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