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Holiday 2014- Foodies Gift Guide

bacon candle

Bacon scents all Day!

Aunt Sadie’s Bacon Sizzling Candle- $16.00

Although we can not eat bacon for 70 hours, we can certainly burn a delightful candle that allows that heavenly scent in our homes burning all day. Get the Aunt Sadie’s Bacon Sizzling Candle, the gift that keeps on giving.



A Woman can never be without her wine!

The Baggy Wine Coat Handbag- $62.95

Designed by Jakob Wanger , the dine-on-the-go Baggy Winecoat is a woman wone-o’s best dream come true. The soft fabric carrier accommodates inner bags from a standard boxed wine with an opening that fits all standard taps. It is perfect for carrying to parties and picnics, with an adjustable broad rubber top handle and a non-slip rubber base to prevent tipping over. The Winecoat has room to accommodate an ice pack, so if you are packing to celebrate, bust out the Champagne and lets go.


sleeping bag pizza


Want to sleep in my Pizza?

The Human Pizza Sleeping Bag- $200.00

Ok Pizza Lovers of all ages with a childish heart, you can grab your slice of pie, pop in a great movie, and curl up in your very own Pizza Sleeping bag. These are custom, and made to order. They are a bit pricey, but can you imagine the face on the gift receivers end- talk about priceless. This is a great under the tree present.



Batter Up!

Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label- Pack of 1- $7.99

For those who love to make anything in cupcake trays, mini cakes; mini pot pies, pancakes, desserts- whatever requires batter get this present. This dispenser neatly deposits the perfect amount of batter without creating a mess. It has a 4 cup capacity, and it easy to wash. You will not only keep your kitchen clean, but you will have consistent baked goods. It’s a bakers dream


wine party


Wineglass-Top Appetizer Plates- $24.95

Holiday parties are all about socializing and eating. It is essential to pour yourself a glass of emotional joy, and pass around the party saying hello to others while enjoying happy bites from the party. Top your wine glass with a few bites while dashing around the party – completing your hellos. Also -these convenient appetizer plates are the perfect gift for friends who love to host parties.



Jewels made for a foodie!

Tiny Hands Jewelry- $28-30.00

Tiny Hands serves a drool worthy menu of scented food jewelry that come in all sorts of candy shapes like cupcakes, donuts, waffles, french macarons, rainbow lollipops and more! Tiny Hands’ handmade jewelry make the perfect gifts for foodies, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, nieces, and pretty much any girl who wants something extra quirky and cute to wear out.



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