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“Flip” How You Find Healthy Drinks for the Summer

By May 31, 2023What is New

The temperature is heating up and we’re all on the lookout for a refreshing beverage to keep us cool and put us in the summertime spirit. Ideally, we’re avoiding drinks with added sugars that have been proven to cause long-term health problems when consumed regularly. However, it can be hard to find products that are truly healthy or taste well.


Luckily, Flip Shop provides a one-stop shop for finding new drinks to try. Once solely focused on beauty products, the new e-commerce app has expanded to showcasing commodities from a variety of categories, including groceries, gadgets and healthy food and beverages. Users can buy products directly from the app, providing instant gratification in knowing the product they desire is only a few taps away. The Flip Shop has turned the hunt for healthy-yet-delicious drinks into a fun, enjoyable and easy experience. 

Hear Authentic Drink Reviews from Real People

The best feature of Flip Shop is being able to hear real people’s thoughts on the drinks before purchasing them. Instead of just scanning the endless drink aisles in the grocery store and hoping the 6 pack of seltzer water you found is actually tasty, Flip Shop users can hear the opinions of others who have already tried the beverage. This means no more trying to painstakingly finish a case of iced tea you didn’t like or trying to pawn bottles off to your friends. 


Found something that excites your tastebuds? You can create your own review video and let others know why your newest obsession is a must-try. You could even earn money by sharing your opinions on the platform! 

Find Personalized Drink Reviews Right at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re constantly on the lookout for the newest drink on the market or you find yourself gravitating to the same flavors, the Flip Shop will have personalized recommendations that you’ll love. After watching just five videos, the app learners about your preferences. The more it’s used, the more tailored the videos on your feed will be. You’ll be able to quench your thirst a lot quicker thanks to the time saved or sifting through drinks you’d never pick on your own.

Pick the Healthy Drinks That Align With Your Goals

The Flip Shop’s “Healthy Food” category is stacked with drinks that are both yummy and  The key benefits are clearly on display. Users can find drinks that serve a variety of purposes; from sugar-free energy drinks to fuel their beach-body workouts to plant-powered water to boost their hydration levels in the summer heat. Whether you’re searching for non-alcoholic cocktails to bring to your friend’s beach party or a relaxing caffeine-free tea to help you wind down your day, you’re sure to find it here. 


The Flip Shop provides an easy way for users to discover the latest healthy drinks on the market and an easy way to verify that these beverages are as tasty as they are nutritious. The app is free to download and sign up, and 

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