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One dish I look forward to making is deviled eggs for house guests. These wonderful bites are easy to make, and yet a favorite at any holiday or occasion. However, there are 5 places in Los Angeles that are a ”must dine” for their deviled eggs, and I have tried them all.

The Best Bite– The winner- Jar Restaurant on Beverly Blvd. A modern chophouse with star Chef Suzanne Tracht who serves her deviled eggs topped with crab and has a flavor I have really never tasted better! For more info on where to go in Los Angeles for deviled eggs- check out Russ Parson’s review .

Here are the deviled egg destinations I recommend for these salty appetizers:

  • Jar Restaurant
  • Clementine
  • Joan’s on Third
  • Euro Pane in Pasadena
  • Hyperion Public

My trick to a tasty deviled egg- is cut half the mayo and add creamy horseradish. That will for sure give someone a kick to their bite. My favorite toppings are bacon, crab, capers, caviar, bleu cheese, and truffle mushrooms.

Photo credit- deviled eggs from

Jar Restaurant
8225 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048


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