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By Hannah Muehlberger

Misty Mansouri

A new cafe in LA is a spot for a great drink and great food! Owner Misty Mansouri is the genius behind this adorable, cozy spot that feels like your backyard. Misty Mansouri is a native of Los Angeles and a mother to one son. With more than two decades of experience in nightlife, experiential marketing, design, and hospitality, Mansouri is recognized as an industry leader. She has been part of the footprint of LA nightlife, events, and hospitality, establishing herself in venues such as Club Lingerie, Nacional, The Palm, and H.Wood. In 2004, Mansouri opened the first MEGA venue in Los Angeles, the VANGUARD, and she was the driving force behind it being the biggest and most successful venue in the Los Angeles area at that time – Making it become known for being a pioneer of electronic music, paving the way for some of the most prominent DJ’S in the world, while also offering patrons a first-class experience. Misty spearheaded multiple design changes during her 9 years at Vanguard. Vanguard ultimately became recognized as a premium event space as a result of Mansouri’s efforts, hosting events for clients like Disney, T-mobile, Fear factor, E3, Grammys, City Galas, Red Bull, Flaunt Magazine, Vice, Hennessy, Absolute… Just to name a few.

In 2010, she launched the boutique, high-end, and exclusive venue, AGENCY. She was an invaluable part of the team’s success with nearly 20 years of experience in day-to-day operations, familiarity, and established relationships with city officials, marketing, and promotions. In 2013, she founded Xperiment along with Gilles Amallam and Jake Saady, where they partnered with Sofitel Hotel driving Riviera31, & Esterel, as well as THE BASEMENT Hollywood. Their work included redesigning the hotel’s lounge and restaurant, menus, marketing and PR, and all operations, programming events, and talent daily, making Sofitel a 5-star destination. In 2015, Mansouri launched Opus76 – A full-service hospitality company, providing consulting, and event production. design, staffing, and venue partnerships. Opus 76 has managed events for clients such as

Shrimp Pasta

Uber Eats, Red Bull, Happy Socks, Get Out, Snoop and Martha’s PotLuck, Sports Spectacular, and Adidas. Other notable projects and clients included but were not limited to: the launch screening of # US, Zero gravity Coachella, Avicii’s private events, social nightlife Beacher’s Madhouse, DKNY, Grammy events, EDC, Oscar events, Golden Globes, Starz Network, VIDA Premier, AMAZON Rap Rotation, the design launch of HBO’S EUPHORIA, and other countless high-end private events. Mansouri grew up in restaurants – Her father was a restaurateur, her step-father an executive chef, and her mother also worked in restaurants throughout her lifetime as well. That said, Misty spent her childhood submerged in the restaurant business. Owning a restaurant had always been a dream of hers. After living on the east side for the last 15 years, she has successfully launched her first solo project in the neighborhood of Echo Park – Right down the street from where she lived for years… Lady Byrd Cafe!


Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes and Eggs Benedict

We talked to Misty to ask about owning a cafe and her experiences! When asked about her background in the industry, Misty told us “My very first job was at the farmers market when I was 13, after that, I worked at a high-end restaurant called ANDREAS as a Host/ Maitre D, I went on to work as a server, Bartender, and then went into Management. I have worked in every position in Hospitality. This was my first solo project after years of working for other people and building their businesses or having partners in multiple other ventures”.

When discussing the menu and selection for the cafe, Misty said that her favorite menu items and what the cafe is most known for are Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes, a variety of benedicts, and a Shrimp Pasta that is featured during the dinner hours. For the lunch menu, the cafe is known for its vegan bowl and burger. Misty told us the cafe “feels like a little hidden oasis in the middle of the city” and that “We really embrace the community and do our very best to make everyone feel like they are at home. We love our furry friends and we are very kid friendly. I am an LA Native and I really do my best to embrace classic LA Vibes. We are the ideal space to enjoy the weather in a beautiful Garden, and we always have an amazing playlist”

Lady Byrd Cafe also is known for its local artisanal baked goods and coffee locally sourced from the LA area. Susan Goin, Caroline Styne, and Nathan Dakdouk at Larder Baking Co have been working hard to develop a line of artisanal bread and baked goods. Made with only the best ingredients and delivered fresh daily. Jetty Coffee Roasters was founded in Los Angeles in 2017. An independent, locally owned and operated Company – Their mission is to develop great coffee and to positively contribute to the community.

Fly in today to Lady Byrd Cafe!


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Shrimp Pasta 

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes and Eggs Benedict



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