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Family knows best- and of course The Toffee Twins know their toffee. I have never been one for this sugar bite, but I will say- I am hooked. A family owned company by two twin sisters produce and bake these magical bites for anyone and everyone. What I found to be unique about this brand are all the flavors they offer. My favorite was the Milk Chocolate and Potato Chip Toffee. I have never had a better bite of sweet and salty. The Toffee Twins really found a great combination with this toffee recipe.

The average chocolate covered piece of toffee is 171 calories in 1 package (1.4 ounce) according to After a hard day of work, a good meal, or even just because it makes you feel good- I would eat a piece of The Toffee Twins goodness, because it is just that yummy. You just can not go wrong with toffee flavors such as Oreo Toffee, Dark Chocolate with sea salt, and if that is not good enough Pretzel Coconut !!!!

Check out all their flavors here-

The Toffee Twins- Touche! Touchdown! Terrific! Tasty!

(Photos provided by The Toffee Twins)

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