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Monthly we discuss some of our favorite new hot items- This can be things from farmers markets, local grocers, or even items bought online. Either way if we are talking about it- we love it.

Morning Rounds-

There is nothing I love more than bread and butter. Literally I will take a piece of tortilla place it in the microwave and slab butter on it and nosh! I love bagels and butter, I love bread and butter, I even love crumpets and butter. This with a glass of lemonade – I am a happy person in the morning. Then I was sent Ozery Bakery products and I have a new favorite breakfast snack. The Morning rounds are outstanding! I mean it. I have had great bread from Paris bakeries to New York bakeries. These products are wonderful. You can get them online here, or at most local Whole Food Markets. What I love most from their One Buns, to their Ciabatta Thins, are their Morning Rounds. The Morning Rounds resemble a plump pita bread with fruit and grains tied into a bun. Pop these buns into a microwave for 30 seconds, and slam a ½ teaspoon of butter on them, and you will melt! I am forever adding these buns to my shopping cart.

There are four flavors:

  • MUESLI- multi-grain buns packed with mixed grains, sweet apples & raisins, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
  • APPLE CINNAMON- are all-natural healthy grain buns full of dried apples and raisins, and sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon.
  • CRANBERRY ORANGE- all-natural healthy grain buns full of sweet dried cranberries and fresh oranges.
  • DATE & CHIA- are free of artificial preservatives and filled with Chia seeds, sweet dates and sunflower seeds.


Halo Top Ice Cream-

Is there such a thing as Healthy Ice Cream? Well Halo Top is the closest thing to this. Low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, and all-natural ingredients craft their ice cream so it tastes just like regular ice cream, but is less calories. It sounds too good to be true, but I tried the Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, and Birthday Cake and shocked how tasting it was and low in calories next to Haagen Daz, Ben & Jerry’s , and even Dreyers. Check the facts here, so grab a spoon and dig in, see for yourself just how good healthy ice cream can be. Halo Top is available at your nearest Ralph’s, Whole Foods, or the

Here are some of their flavors:

  • Mint Chip
  • Chocolate Mocha Chip
  • Lemon cake
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Birthday Cake


Wild Planet-

The next product that is on our favorite list and a must in our shopping bag this month, and quite possibly every month is Wild Product canned goods. Wild Planet is committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems. Wild Planet offers a full line of top quality seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor. In order to adhere to the highest standards of sustainability possible, each product in their line is carefully researched according to the reports generated by leading environmental organizations. From their Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, to their brand new White Anchovies, we’re sure you’ll agree that nothing compares to the flavor, nutrition and value offered by Wild Planet! The tuna is wonderful with crackers, and the salmon is outstanding over a salad. In addition, these canned goods are the best picnic snacks. Feel healthy and know you are eating quality food. What I love about this brand is most of the animals are humane raised and handled. Not only are the products organic, but their fish products are wild caught with single species targeted purse seine fishing, without the use of Fish Aggregating Devices. They source their shrimp, salmon, and sardines from fisheries deemed sustainable by a consensus of environmental groups, such as The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, the Blue Ocean Institute, Fishwise, Oceanwise, and Greenpeace. Wild Planet products are NON GMO, high in DHA Omega 3Fatty Acids, and have less mercury than most brands.

Here are just a few of the organic pantry must haves:

  • Organic Roasted Chicken Breast
  • 100% Sustainably Caught Wild Yellowtail Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 100% Sustainably Caught Wild Salmon and Shrimp
  • 100% Sustainably Caught Wild Pacific Sardines
  • Skinless and Boneless Wild Mackerel Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Wild Albacore and Tuna



What would a shopping bag be without a candy bag or two? Crunchkins a new dessert inspired candy brought to us by Bazooka. American desserts such as birthday cake, fudge brownie, and glazed donut are all wrapped into a shared pack of candy poppers. They remind me of malt balls. Crunchkins has three layers; a crunchy outer layer, a sweet creamy layer, and a light crunchy center. They can be found at your local Walmart and retail for $1.50.

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