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Consumers are wrongly told vodka is flavorless and colorless; shelves of vodka at markets and stores have been focused on price and brand, not what it’s made of. With so many types of vodka in the spirits market, such as rye, corn, potato, wheat and other grains, consumers are confused by the variety of choices arranged by price, without knowledge of ingredients. Knowing what their vodka is made of impacts the taste and texture that consumers desire. Sobieski, the #1 rye vodka in the U.S., the emphasis is on the quality and authenticity of the product. Driven by the growing importance of ingredients, Sobieski demonstrates just that to the consumer market. Sobieski Vodka, the #1 rye vodka in the U.S., makes no compromise on quality and exemplifies the height of craftsmanship and authenticity. Building on a noble heritage, Sobieski Vodka is produced exclusively from rye at the Starogard Gdanski distillery dating back to 1846.



Recently,  I had the pleasure to try Sobieski’s latest venture, the Sobieski Estate Single Rye, a top premium quality single rye vodka – 100% Dankowski rye locally grown in Poland, hand filled and hand crowned by distillers. With the national on and off-premise launch in 2016, Sobieski Estate Single Rye is everything a fine vodka should be. A quick swirl reveals beautiful scallop legs on the inside of the glass, with notes of pear and herbs, resulting in a cool, soft and silky taste. Sobieski Estate Single Rye is elegant and refined; it glides across the tongue, but still manages to leave an off-dry impression, giving it balance and structure for an ultimate refined taste.


Guests were treated to a night at LA’s Lock and Key bar and restaurant. Here we tasted some new cocktail recipes that are easy to prepare. Created, in limited production at the Lancut Distillery, the oldest distillery in Poland, Sobieski Estate Single Rye is fresh, voluptuous, smooth and slightly sweet. Sobieski Estate Single Rye is created from the exclusive Polish Dankowski rye. Dankowski rye is harvested from Polish fields to ensure that only the highest quality rye along with pure water from the Carpathian Fore are used in the production of Sobieski Estate Single Rye. The distinctive character of the single rye grains creates a smooth, slightly sweet finish. The vodka is then continuously rectified for purity, as well as smooth texture. The finely designed Sobieski frosted bottle is hand filled and hand crowned delicately with white gloves, ensuring its elegance and authenticity

Sobieski has a diverse portfolio of flavors: orange, citron, raspberry and vanilla, meeting the demand for flavored vodkas within the spirits industry. Keeping with the authenticity of the brand, these flavors are natural and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or with a variety of cocktail mixes.

Sobieski Estate Single Rye, a top premium quality single rye vodka  Here are some recipes you need to try!


Sobieski Strawberry Mule






Ginger Beer (created in-house)

Sobieski Dirty Martini

2.5oz Sobieski Vodka

.25oz Dirty Sue Olive Juice

Dolin Dry Vermouth Rinse

Garnish: Olive

Sobieski Zelda

1.5oz Sobieski

1 oz Moncigale Fruite Rose

.5oz Elderflower Liqueur

2 dash Castilian Bitters

2 atomized Lemon

Garnish: Long Lemon peel


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