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Unlike former trips to Paris- I had known better this time to research places that I wanted to dine or visit while in Paris for my sister’s birthday. I stumbled upon many sites telling you the etiquette of making reservations while in Paris. Months out and good luck is the overall tone of what I had learned. If you are not aware of French cuisine, nor the terms- good luck! I stumbled upon a tourist friendly site driven by foodie, Wendy Lynn creator of The Paris Kitchen. Perusing the English audience food site – I found her event page, discussing that The Paris Pop up series would be returning to Paris for one week. I knew I had to try and get a reservation for this immediately. A gastronomic program brought to you by Harry Cummins and Laura Vidal. The idea was born in December 2012 and inspired by one of Harry’s travels to London where he attended a pop-up dinner. Thereafter, together in Paris, Harry and Laura decided to launch a pop-up series inspired by the much talked-about “bistronomy movement”. With the assistance of fellow Parisian chefs, restaurant owners, and friends of travel, Harry & Laura were able to occupy empty spaces on their closing days and “play restaurant”. Much to their surprise- the Paris Pop Up received a successful response. Harry and Laura did not want to be tied down to one restaurant location due to their love to travel. Thus since January 2013, they have been traveling around the world bringing The Paris Pop  Up to various cities such as  Montreal, New York, California and Kyoto. Cummins and Vidal have taken seasonal items, trusted recipes, precise wine pairing, and gastronomic skills from several travels around the world to conform the menu for each city Pop Up.





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Located at 14 rue Abel, 75012 in Paris- three Americans stumbled upon The Paris Pop Up. It was there- I fell in love with The Paris Pop Up and their menu. I had tastes of several dishes such as; fresh ahi with green beans, lobster salad with cucumbers, sautéed girolle mushrooms and prosciutto. I was full, but still wanted more. A rustic bar filled the middle of the pop up, offering specialty cocktails and a wine selection, which had me wondering if I needed to cancel out the rest of the night, and call it quits at The Paris Pop Up. The vibe of the pop up restaurant was on point, young adults all toasting one another because of god knows what, nevertheless they were happy. The DJ was playing alternative music in the background, which was familiar, making it more pleasurable to the experience. There were charming mismatched tables and contempary chairs which composed their hipster dining area. The room was lit with sporadic string lights that draped the walls, along with vintage lamps set on each table- the room felt warm.  I felt as though I had stumbled upon a foodie travelor’s secret gem, and my sister had a great birthday dinner. After dining at The Paris Pop up- I shall follow their travels in hope that I am present in another city at the same time that this talented team opens their doors for another  food adventure! I had the pleasure to meet Harry and Laura, they were even more delightful, lively, and moving than the food & wine they offer to food lovers. The Paris Pop Up- coming to a city (Hopefully) near you.









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