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I hear Festival and I am there! I hear Seafood and I am already 10 steps ahead of you.

I got 5 of my best friends to enjoy a Sunday Fun-day in Downtown Los Angeles. We parked right near city hall and walked to Olvera Street. We fell in love with the architecture and history of downtown, but mostly fell in love with Olvera Street.

Not only were we there to enjoy the shellfish delights of the festival, but to gain an understanding that this wonderful outdoor Latin market place exists daily for Angelinos to retract to.

My friends and I started off by enjoying the touristic attractions that Olvera street had to offer, stopping at La Golondrina restaurant for Skinny Margarita’s and Coronas . We enjoyed the buzzing sounds of people rushing in during lunch hour, and the blasting tunes of mariachi bands within the interior and exterior of the restaurant. There was so much visual stimulation it was hard to keep to one conversation. If you get there too late – you will have to stand in the longest line for a table. They do not take reservations allowing you to leave your name and walk away.

After we left to start the fun of the festival, which stood in the main entrance to the park square- you could not resist stopping at bright eyed merchants selling wonderful good within the market of Olvera Street. I almost felt like I was in Cancun.

As we entered the festival only 7 tents stood- I almost was unsure if this was the full festival- then came to realize what was present was plenty.

We started with fish tacos, and each ordered one. As we devoured these lightly battered cod delights topped with cabbage, lemon, lime, cilantro, and a special sauce- we all wanted more.

Next we ordered a lobster plate- disappointed in what was offered we carried on to the seafood risotto which was heavenly. This paella was filled with squid, mussels, clams, and shrimp- all ripe, perfect, and cooked well. I was impressed that they topped it with parmesan cheese and served this with large pieces of sourdough bread. This was definitely a dish that was meant for 4!

We then moved on to the beef tortas, beef tacos, shredded beef taquitos, and funnel cake. I cannot describe the tastes that exploded in my mouth. I was a happy festival patron- and impressed by the Mexican cooking I had only miles from my home.

Best Bite – all of it!

Make sure to tune in for the next one!!!!

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