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My favorite thing to eat is cheese, and I can not live without bread. When the two come together- It is over for me. I can eat through a box, basket, bag, anything to eat it all. Here I will discuss the best cheese bites as of NOW, for I foresee a further cheese and bread discussion say- in a day or two.

If you are looking for the best bite in a basket here are a few.

  • The Pao de Queijo Appetizer at Bossa Nova. These little cheese balls come as appetizers or a side order. The Brazilian bite is soft and chewy on the inside. I can eat 6 in a row.
  • Next, Clearman’s Northwood’s Inn Cheese Bread. They come to the table- free. Although just sourdough toast, this chain food bread basket is just greesy and addicting. They even sell the spread that allows you to create this cheesy bite at home.
  • For a similar bite, but this one is my favorite- with a bit more of an upscale, country club, polo lounge vibe then try the Derby. The Derby cheese bread basket is perfection, and cooked the way cheese toast should be cooked. Crispy and tough on the outside, soft and not too cheesy in the middle. This cheese spread has the right amount of butter, parmesan, and garlic within the spread. Served in a sterling silver tray, covered by a linen, and served steaming hot- these are bites you need to try with a glass of wine. The atmosphere here is wonderful. If you like racetracks & horse racing you will see why.
  • Cheese toast crostini’s are and can be added to this list- so we will have to mention, Esterel’s Cheese toast crostini. Served prior to anyone’s meal- these toasted cheesy bites may be just the reason why guests return to the restaurant of Sofitel Hotel, Los Angeles.
  • Lastly, the cheese toast at the MELT in Hollywood. Here all the cheese bread is mouth watering. The Italian Job has a parmesan spread that is simply tasty.

Take your pick- they all will leave you wanting more!

Best Bite- The Derby Cheese Bread

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