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Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie is located in Downtown, Los Angeles. Bottega Louie is not just a restaurant but a market place/ patisserie to their patrons.

The restaurant serves Italian dishes such as meatball parmesan sandwiches, hanger steak, minestrone soup, fettuccine belmondo pasta, salads, and specialty pizza. The bar exudes a lounge like feeling, placed away from the dining room and kitchen. Those who come to visit the bar, experience a setting that feels like a bar and not just a holding area while your name is called for a table. Delicious cocktails and spirits are served while others enjoy the patisserie across the room. Here is a link to their cocktail menu

Bottega Louie also is a Gourmet Market and Patisserie, here is why most return. Those who have visited Laduree in Paris know that there is no other macaroon haven. If you live in Los Angeles the next best thing to Laduree in my opinion is Bottega Louie. I recently received a birthday gift package from friends of Xperiment USA. This package had every type of macaroon Bottega Louie had to offer, Bottega Louie Blueberry jelly that went perfect with their homemade sugar cookies, Almond Dragees too lovely to eat, Chocolate mints dusted in pastels, and 9 fine assorted Palet d’Ors. (Palet d or- French for pillow, disk or puck of gold. This is usually a flat round truffle made of pure, high quality, dark chocolate ganache coated in a thin shell of dark chocolate and decorated with a flake of real gold).

This large pink box of heaven (pictured above) just looks to nice and precious to eat, I felt like I was in Paris all over again. After I had tasted every Happy Bite in that Bottega Louie box, I had decided there may not be a better Patisserie/Gourmet Market Place in Los Angeles. I will continue to encourage every person who is unsure of that perfect birthday gift to travel to Bottega Louie to assemble that birthday present to whom of which anyone opens will smile. I will continue to tell every blogger that this destination is just as Laduree, and colorful enough to snap their Instagram shots. I will continue to encourage anyone who is traveling Downtown LA for dinner & drinks to stop here first- before a night out to any of the following; LA Live, Staples center, or to clubs such as Exchange LA, Ebanos Crossing, or to the rooftop of the Standard hotel. I will encourage to send anyone who asks where they can find something Parisian that is not found at a Monsieur Marcel market, yet explore Bottega Louie. I will continue to encourage any of those living nearby to make Bottega Louie your coffee house, patisserie, local market for delights, and your after work drinks- because it is just that good.

Best Bite- every single macaroon- especially in strawberry, violet cassis, and passion fruit.

Bottega Louie – Visit Site
700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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