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On the Upper West Side of Manhattan you will find a lifestyle that is much different from the East Village or Chelsea. Across from Central Park couples push strollers, women load their condos with new furniture, and men walk their dogs.

There is calm in the air, and a sense that you’re somewhat in the suburbs. On Columbus St. and Amsterdam Ave. there are not just a horde of children stores, but a plethora of fine restaurants. Located at 509 Amsterdam lays a rot ironed contemporary restaurant called Jacob’s Pickles. Known for their handmade pickling and jam making- the venue sets a tone of farmer meets city. A large bar that graces the front part of the restaurant has a stainless steel tap selection that boast a mass collection of beer. As you open the menu the only section that screams at you is the BEER column. Mild Ales, Seasonable Malts, to light finishes of beer- each aer thirst quenching and unforgettable in calories.

Jacob’s Pickles offer Beer flights-A California, New York, and Regional Flight which involve 4 tastes of beer. The best part – you can add bacon to the beer, and pair it with Jerky home based at Jacob’s.

I came to the venue after dinner for drinks with a girlfriend; and opened the menu to find sections that screamed; Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches, Jacob’s Pickles; Starters, Sausage, Southern Biscuit Sandwiches, Salads, Home Cooking, and sides. I thought- have I died and gone to calorie heaven? Comfort Food on a serious level…

I think once I tried a few items I realized everything was perfect but a few things threw me off- dirty utensils, dirty wine glasses, and mason jar overload. I then went from having an excited gut to a flat appetite. My wine that was delivered to my table had sticky finger marks on it, the knife I was going to use had two stains of “I do not want to know” on it. This was a real bummer.

As I moved past this- I noticed every song overhead was fun and got the crowd excited. The atmosphere at Jacob’s Pickles was perfect. Sounds of Jay Z, Nelly, Chris Brown, to Prince played- causing excitement and the need for more cocktails.

The menu is unlike you have ever seen in Comfort Food, American Cooking- Check it out here-

Best Bite:

The deviled egg, and the Mushroom Biscuit

Jacob’s Pickles-
09 Amsterdam Ave · New York

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