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Who: Jeffrey Best of Best Events has partnered with Sylvain Bitton and JT Torregiani of Aventine Trattoria. Together the nightlife gurus- retained Jason Bran and Damian Windsor the cocktail masters of The Roger Room to mix up invigorating concoctions.


What: Warwick Nightclub of Hollywood opened their door to all in October 2013, and have decided to revamp the sexy part lounge and nightclub with a new mixology menu, atmosphere, and art. Warwick still has its loft like space, brick exposed walls, erotic art on the walls, ellaborate furniture and banquets, but a new tasty menu brought to you by Bran and Windsor. The new part is the white Hampton like lounge that sits above the main floor, has now been repainted red, with an asian inspired theme. Lanterns hang overhead, drastic red furniture surrounds the lounge, and spicy cocktails are offered at the bar within the upstairs space.




When: Opened to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Why: Why not? Angelinos get bored of their favorite club is what I think. Either way, Best and the boys of Aventine know how to keep their audience and residents to LA nightlife entertained and wanting more. The nightly DJ line up is hipster chic, the cocktails are shockingly perfect, and the scene is epitome of Hollywood Stardome, making any nightclub goer feel like they are in tinsel town. Warwick is the ultimate place to dance, drink, and forget the world. Step into their circus and you may never leave.



Bites from the Night- Dumplings


The Green Glove


The Lady from Shanghai




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