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Just off Sunset Blvd, hidden behind a restaurant, you’ll find John Kelly Chocolates, a full-fledged chocolate factory in the heart of Hollywood. Foodflaunt recently had our golden ticket dreams come true when we were invited to tour the factory and meet the owners John and Kelly.  While there were no Oompa Loompas or everlasting gobstoppers to be found, there was a team of dedicated people hand making small batches of artisanal chocolates and fudge from an old family recipe.  In fact it takes 5 people working an assembly line to make each bar and the factory makes the equivalent of 10,000 bars a day.

Founded in 2004, by two men with an old recipe and a dream of making sophisticated and delicious chocolates, John Kelly has grown into an award winning national brand. They now have 2 retail locations in Hollywood and Santa Monica and are also being sold coast-to-coast in high-end department stores, hotels, specialty shops, and of course online.

During our visit to the factory we couldn’t resist sampling a few of their incredible creations including their signature Truffle Fudge chocolates. A note about the truffle fudge, these are like normal chocolate truffles mixed with magical pixy dust to create something both familiar and unique.  In a word they are incredible and need to be tried by everyone immediately.  They come in a wide variety of interesting and delicious flavors; from their most popular, Dark Chocolate with French grey sea salt, to the limited time only Pumpkin Spice, or the more adventurous but perfectly balanced Dark Chocolate with Habanero and Jalapeno Chile, there’s something for everyone and you literally can’t go wrong.  With the holidays right around the corner, we think a box of John Kelly Chocolates is a great gift idea that will certainly stand out from the crowd!



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