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Have you ever been to Texas?

If you have you will never forget the experience good or bad, because what is most memorable is the food. Los Angeles offers True Texans a form of real home cooking and BBQ at Bludso’s on La Brea. As patrons enter the modern, contemporary styled restaurant they will notice a fully stocked mirrored case wall with all the beverages in mind to be had. A Texas flag is framed as customers come and go thru the main entrance. A well-lit sky scape hovers the middle ceiling of the main dining room. Large booths hug each side of the walls of the center dining area, and simple metal tables and chairs lay in the center of the dining floor. The menu is simple, yet very strong. Affordable half and full orders of meat from Roasted Chicken, Ribs, Links, (sausage), to pulled pork are offered. Sauces come on the side is what every waiter tell their Bludso patron. Two types are offered- mild (which still spicy); to spicy (which if you have acid reflux- stay away). There are no other sauces or side sauces available- except the special vinegar house mixtures offered which sits on the table as an extra condiment. The sides are perfect, yet simple- pickles, mac &cheese, cornbread, baked beans, and cole slaw. You would think just by the menu- that this meal would be boring and average in LA, similar to their interior décor.

We ordered the full Roasted Chicken, half order of ribs, and half order of Links. For our sides we chose a full order of Mac & Cheese, corn bread, and cole slaw. Water for the table came in a family size pitcher, served in those red plastic cups you would see at a Sizzler or Round Table Pizza family center. I ordered a Pinot Noir, served in a flat water glass, and my guest had a beer. We worried at this point how the food would turn out. Served on cafeteria trays, family style- no bells, no whistles- our food was served.

I dived into the chicken leg of the Roasted Chicken platter, and was amazed. The salt and pepper seasoning of this leg was perfect. The meat was juicy, tender, and roasted perfectly. The meat was not at all fatty, nor dry. The dark meat- which I tend not to eat was delicious. I had not even gotten to my favorite part of the chicken which was the breast- filled with large amounts of white meat. I finished the chicken leg, and headed straight for the mac & cheese. This was prepared simple, and peppered well. The taste was like no other. I had never tasted a mac & cheese so fluffy, and perfect. I next moved on to the link, as my friend kept raving about his rib he was devouring. The sausage link was super Smokey- almost too much. However, when dipping that sausage bite into the mild BBQ Bludso sauce- it was perfection. Next I ate every bite of my cornbread- you could literally taste the honey and butter in each bite. Almost so good you didn’t need jam, nor additional butter. Lastly I had one- just one rib, and I was sold on Bludso BBQ. This rib was the ultimate. It was smoked perfectly and juicy as ever. The taste was good on its’ own, but once added their BBQ sauce- each bite was better than anything I had already tried.

Bludso- on La Brea- Honestly- I am not sure there is a better BBQ spot in LA better than actually being back in Texas.

Best Bite:

The Roasted Chicken dipped in the spicy BBQ sauce- all homemade. The Pork Ribs- best bite in the house.

Bludso BBQ
609 N La Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, CA, US, 90036

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