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OUR/Los Angeles Vodka is a distillery in the Los Angeles Arts District and the sixth micro-distillery in the Our/Vodka family. What makes this brand truly significant is that OUR/Vodka marks the FIRST time ever in the history of the spirits industry that a brand has both a global and local identity.

Traditionally, alcohol brands are either craft and operating out of a micro-distillery or mass produced before being shipped around the world. Our/Los Angeles operates under the OUR/Vodka family of 6 distilleries worldwide, but each city is run independently as its own brand with their own micro distillery, that distills conforming to the same global recipe but using locally sourced ingredients. This means people can resonate with the brand around the world but drink locally in each city.

Although the bottles all look the same, each city has local characteristics that differentiate it from other cities in terms of flavor profiling and brand positioning. For example, the Londoners (Our/ London) have positioned their brand as “vodka for wine people,” whereas Our/Los Angeles is more about a celebration of the all that is iconic to this city and the LA lifestyle, and taking advantage of all there is to do here in Southern California.

The second particularly unique thing about the vodka is the yeast. Our/Los Angeles ferment a Non-GMO strain of yeast that is traditionally used in wine making. It is incredibly sensitive and is exclusive to Our/Vodka. When this yeast is fermented it releases specific fruity and flowery aromatic molecules which are what give Our/Los Angeles its unique flavor. The double wheat blend is what makes the vodka so smooth!

In addition, OUR/Vodka is made by local people in cities around the world (Our/Detroit, Our/New York, Our/Amsterdam and more) that believe in the power of supporting the local neighborhood. The parent company, Pernod Ricard, partners with local entrepreneurs who love and know their city to run each local brand.  OUR/Los Angeles is led by creative entrepreneurs Anton van der Woude and Rupert Runewitsch. Both men are actually Brits who have been living in Los Angeles and fell in love with the City of Angels, so much so they made it their mission to drive this brand. Their OUR/Los Angeles location has the potential to distill 40,000 cases of 9-liter bottles a year!


If you live in SoCal, you can currently visit the distillery to take a tour or check out one of their collaborative tasting events where they partner with a local coffee roaster and offer coffee and vodka tastings at their space. You can also purchase OUR/LA in retailers across California including Albertsons, Pavilions, BevMo, Bristol Farms and Cost Plus and they continue to expand. The brand is also partnering with local, luxury boutique hotels to offer their bottles in room as it’s the perfect size for portability or gift ability.


In addition, the brand is furthering their ties with the city by launching the OUR/Los Angeles podcast and zine which will be available late summer/ early fall and features interviews with tastemakers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists and more who represent the vibe of Los Angeles.  . This way hotel guests, locals, and visitors can get the full OUR/Los Angeles experience! They can sip locally, listen locally and read locally. It’s full circle.

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