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Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

L.A. Rams Player Creates New Digital Series and Shares Stories Around Local Community

Sebastian Joseph-Day, starting nose tackle for the Los Angeles Rams will debut his latest project, Dine & Bash, a Digital Series about his love of food and culture, on January 1st, 2021. The series, which airs on YouTube will highlight local restaurants in Los Angeles, sharing their origin stories, top dishes and what makes them so unique.

“My two favorite things (besides football) are food and culture,” said Joseph-Day. “There’s a story behind every storefront and I’m excited to take viewers on this journey with me. Tune in to see which restaurants receive Dine & Bash’s stamp of approval.”

Joseph-Day, who plays a key role in the LA Rams number one ranked defense in the NFL, has a huge personality, and an ever-bigger heart. This off-season he donated meals to frontline workers and hosted his own online fundraiser to raise even more money for COVID-19 relief. Joseph-Day has also been active in social justice initiatives, recently writing an OP ED in Medium on educational inequality as well as presenting a check on behalf of the Players Coalition to schools in the LA area for educational support.

Joseph-Day’s love of food came from his parents who are from Haiti. As a child he watched his parents make everything from chilean seabass to homemade risotto and even Sebastian’s favorite lamb dish! Combining his love of food and passion to uplift others around him, Joseph-Day created Dine & Bash. Joseph-Day stated, “I’m trying to really grow and become a part of the LA community and what’s a better way than to get to know my neighbors through their food!”


Check out Dine-N-Bash on Youtube Here