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dinnerdate-660x400Valentine’s Day is all about love and togetherness, but why is it when you actually bring up V-Day to anyone (whether they are married, dating, or courting), they tend to cringe?

Initially started as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day then evolved in the 18th century to become a time in which lovers conveyed their affection for one another by presenting gifts such as flowers, confections, and letters. Today, love letters are just the tip of the iceberg!

V-Day has become more of a “what are you doing for me” holiday in recent times. That being said, whether you plan to splurge on material items or not, most people choose to celebrate over a meal while enjoying each other’s company. So while we enjoy our overpriced, pre-fixed menus, heart-shaped chocolates, and all the other joys that come with this “Hallmark Holiday,” here are a list of “Dos and don’ts” to help you make it through your love day meal.

Do Not

1. Use your phone at the table! A dinner only lasts 60 minutes or so and no one wants to see the person across the table disinterested and constantly checking their phone. So to be clear, that means no texting, Instagram posts, Facebook check-ins, or responding to that “very pressing” email you just received. Foodies, remember no food photos and no posting tonight. You and your date are the only ones who need to know what you’re eating.

2. Be a downer, period! No matter how the dinner date for Valentine’s Day is going, do not be negative. Do not talk about how much you hate your job, or how you’re the only one of your friends still single, or how tiny your apartment is! You are there to have fun so don’t sulk and wallow in negativity.

3. Be the boss of the menu! You did not take time out of your busy schedule to go to dinner with someone to boss them around. Never ever order your date’s food without their consent. If you don’t know better, you may end up ordering a steak for a vegan, and things will definitely go south from there.

4. Get sloshed! If you’re in the mood for some champagne or a cocktail, that’s great. Everyone needs to loosen up a bit on such a stressful holiday, but please do not take that to mean you should get black out drunk. No one likes a sloppy date and it will almost certainly end badly. At best, all you are likely to accomplish by drinking too much at dinner is running up the bill and making yourself look like a fool.

5.Be a hater! You know those people whether married, in a relationship, or dating who just constantly hate on Valentine’s Day. Don’t do this. Your date doesn’t want to hear how much you hate the holiday you are currently out celebrating. Be happy you are out on a dinner date regardless of whether it’s a holiday or not.


1.Be sweet! There is nothing better than positive reinforcement. It’s Valentine’s day…this is your chance to say a few nice things to that special someone. Compliment your dinner date’s outfit, choice of drink, choice of restaurant — whatever. For the love of St. Valentine just be sweet…like that box of chocolates you probably just got!

2.Smell nice! Wear perfume, wear cologne — just smell yummy. In between the Bolognese or the sizzling fajitas, you will be more likely to want to grab that person across the table and smack a kiss on them if they smell sexy.

3. Buy him a drink! OK, it is no secret that every woman wants their man to pick up the bill on Valentine’s day dinner, but how about buying your man a nice cocktail before you sit down for that meal? How about show up with a bottle of whiskey for him before he drops his wad on you. Just buy him a drink. Trust me.

4. Help plan. Women are so about being Beyonce! We are women, we know what we want… except when we don’t. But seeing as it’s 2015 ladies, why not suggest something to do or somewhere to go to help that special Valentine plan something you will both like. It is hard enough for men to understand women.

5. Get dolled up! Valentine’s day is about love. If you are going out with that person you love, show them your best side. Take the time to look presentable and feel good about yourself while you enjoy a fabulous night about… love.




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