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By Hannah Muehlberger

Now that COVID-19 has subsided enough for us to go out to eat, why not experience the best cuisine and entertainment to start the perfect night out with a bang. A newer restaurant that gives a new meaning to the phrase “dinner and a show”, MainRo, is a Hollywood hotspot that cannot be missed. Located in the center of Hollywood, a two-minute walk from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, this restaurant infuses traditional Japanese, French, and Vietnamese cuisine with an elegant artistic presentation surrounded by an exciting and exotic atmosphere. The mind behind this nuanced supper club and restaurant consists of restauranteur Romain Zago best known for his Miami restaurant locations Mynt and Mynt-Tu, and Italian architect Gianni Ranaulo. These two bring together their strengths of food and theatre to create an experience you will never forget!

In an interview with Forbs, Zago opened up about his ideas for creating MainRo. Stating that “the concept of MainRo was blending my personal taste along with ideas into a world of innovations and technologies while learning from my years of teachings in the nightlife and hospitality industry. With water being the focal point of the venue (where the letter O is synonymous to water in French), we envisioned a suspended O encasing the stage and Broadway-style stairs”. MainRo perfectly captures the Hollywood nightlife with the interior design of lush velvet chairs, booths, and an art deco-style bar. Zago describes the artistic design of the restaurant saying “technology is at the forefront of MainRo. Everything from our sixteen triangle-shaped chandeliers, walls, and the stage is outfitted with ultra 4K digital mapped screens. We can set the tone and change the ambiance from dinner to nightlife in a matter of seconds, going from a candle-lit dinner to a futuristic feeling that will take you into the night. We are creating a modern and technological version of the Moulin Rouge, but the difference is that you are the star, and the show is happening in front, behind, and all around you” While you eat, you can watch the impressive performance that envelops you and titillate your senses. Shows can start at any time, whether it’s a DJ playing music or acrobats performing on hoops. Not only is the atmosphere classy yet extravagant, but the presentation of the food also reflects your surroundings. With Organza Porcelain plates and bowls, the food presentation is simple and minimal, as a result, the pop of color from the plates and bowls provides an eye-catching experience. Zago also discusses the care the chefs and cooks take when plating the food. Zago says that “the food follows the magic of the venue and is defined by a simple yet sophisticated presentation. We put time and effort into how our food is presented so not only do our guests have a memorable experience with the venue but the culinary journey during their visit.”

The dishes the menu has to offer range from sushi dishes like Bluefin Toro Tartar with caviar and a wasabi soy sauce to decadent dishes such as a French Orange Duck that is slow roasted and served with a Mandarin Orange Sauce. The most popular dishes of this venue include the MainRo Signature Ribeye, 28 days of dry-aged meat served with three homemade sauces. As well, their Wagyu Beef Sliders, offered all night, include truffle pecorino, tartufata aioli, and crispy shallots served on a brioche bun.
If you’re in the LA area and are looking for a new and exciting dining experience, stop on into MainRo and be prepared to have your definition of dinner and a show changed for good!


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