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A few phrases can sum this hometown traditional restaurant up- “Hidden Gem”, “The right Sauce”, “The must have addiction”, and lastly- “The tradition of Arcadia natives”. I have been coming to Taco Lita since 1990, and there are 5 reasons why this place will always be my favorite burrito haven in Southern California.

1) It never changes! It is what it is- not your “authentic” Mexican style taco stop- not like Taco Bell, not even similar to King Taco. Taco Lita has an American Spin to their menu. With a take it or leave it vibe.

2) The Sauce- made and distributed ONLY by Taco Lita, this is the addiction to all who keep coming back over and over again…. THE SAUCE. You not only can ask for packets upon packets when eating your bean cup, burrito, or taco, but most save these packets and take them home and put this special sauce on all food that may not even be from Taco Lita. I personally put this sauce on my eggs, and in college I actually craved this sauce during finals.

3) The bean and cheese combo burrito- Large and in charge! This burrito is made with the perfectly seasoned beef, real cheese it is oozing with oil thru the bag it comes in, and large enough to fill you up and save more for later. DELICIOUS.

4) The Taco- no words, just go get it with 5 packets of Taco Lita sauce.

5) Lastly, the atmosphere- there is a large sign that states up front “Cash Only”, shirts with the taco sauce packet for sale in the window, and lastly these beautiful tiled tables that seats two while you watch people come and go.

Taco Lita is the perfect example of Americanized Mexican Fast Food, yet depicts all Angelinos who love and crave Gringo American cuisine. I think it compliments the traditional menu of Mexican food perfectly, with of course their own spin! Rightfully so, this is an American savory dream for most in this community. Taco Lita has created a landmark for all those who reside in Arcadia – let alone those who live with a 626 area code. Those who remember its’ wonderful sauce and so happen to be on the 210 freeway with 15 minutes to spare always stop back at Taco Lita for some good food, and excellent sauce.

Best Bite- The Combo Burrito, add tomatos


Taco Lita
120 E Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91006


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