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Owl’s Brew: This Female-Founded Company Making Waves in Tea and Booze Worlds

By Caitlin Stiles


There’s nothing quite like female empowerment blazing a trail through the brewery industry, and Owl’s Brew brings a twist of tea to boot (an undeniable bonus.) Owl’s Brew has effortlessly made waves in the health, tea, and alcoholic industries all at once. Founded by Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, both women had a strong background in blending their own teas in the company Brew Lab before having the idea to introduce the idea of blending tea into cocktails.

This innovative and ingenious idea was bound to take off, and it did. Owl’s Brew originated in New York City, but their hard seltzers (really, alcoholic tea) can be found in bars and pubs in eighteen different states, with their mixers sold on Amazon. There are currently five different beverages and five different mixers, with plenty of variety in between. Boasting ingredients like chai, English Breakfast tea, matcha, jasmine, and more, these women’s passion for tea is clear and undeniable. They combine notes like lemon, hibiscus, and rose with tea and liquor to make a truly unique experience.


Speaking of ingredients, Jennie and Maria won’t settle for anything but the best and what’s natural. They are passionate about keeping harmful chemicals and unnecessary processes out of their beverages, keeping the ingredient list simple and transparent. Their teas and botanicals are ethically sourced and “whole and real,” as Jennie says in their introductory video. They have coined their flavors as “true” instead of “natural,” as a nod towards the contradictory and confusing definition of natural flavoring in beverages.

Managing and running a company like Owl’s Brew is a massive responsibility beyond just business: only 4% of the brewery industry are women, something they acknowledge in their “About Us” section. Maintaining sustainable and clean ingredients, as part of their brand, is a constant endeavor. Thankfully, Jennie and Maria seem to be more than up to the challenge. Visit Owl’s Brew on their website, and keep up with their blog for tips and tricks about tea!


Caitlin Stiles is a Colorado State University graduate with a passion for all things involving the written word, beauty, and coffee. She can often be found frequenting coffee and tea shops, working on her novels and short stories, and playing with the latest makeup trend. She resides in Fort Collins with two cats.

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