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Field to Fork

Day 2- Los Angeles Times- the TASTE guests can attend cooking demonstrations presented by acclaimed chefs, listen to seminars about eats that are in season, and indulge in the bounty of California with an afternoon inspired by locally sourced ingredients and the pleasures of seasonal cooking. Leading L.A. chefs specializing in fresh-focused dishes share their techniques and offered tastes to attendees- hosted by Russ Parsons and Nancy Silverton.

Restaurants such as Lemonade, Loteria Grill, BOA Steakhouse, Dog Haus, Pono Burger, and Tender Greens were present. Taste LA opened up the front aspect to their day event, offering double to food that was offered from Opening Night. See here of the schedule offered by LA Times to any Field to Fork event attendee and the exhibitors of the day

The Field to Fork’s seminars and cooking demonstrations were led by talents such as: Josiah Citrin, C.J. Jacobson, Roxana Jullapat, Jessica Koslow, Vincenzo Marianella, Bruce Kalman, Nancy Silverton, Russ Parsons, Carole Solomon, Tal Ronnen, Stewart Prato, and Ira Norof.

The best part of the day was not eating two Umami Truffle burgers, or sipping on the hundreds of wonderful wines Taste LA had to offer, but it was the cooking demonstration with Nancy Silverton which really made the Field to Fork Day. It is not every day to you getting to meet the co- owner of Pizzeria and Osteria Nozza in LA, Newport Beach, and Singapore. She is also the owner of Mozza2go, my favorite LA restaurant Chi Spacca in Los Angeles, but Chef Silverton also founded the world acclaimed La Brea Bakery and Campanile Restaurant. Nancy Silverton is a force to be reckoned with, she is inspirational to many, and she is one of the most accredited restaurateurs today. Nancy Silverton has also received the highest honor given by the James Beard Foundation for Outstanding Chef, and indeed deserved we got to watch her prepare Insalata Rosso and Potato, onion & bacon Frittata.

Nancy made a great point when she was introduced to the cooking listeners; she mentioned that although as a restaurant attendee, it is important to remember what a chef goes through in their kitchen. She stated with “high temperatures, dangerous tools, and at fast pace movements- one can get injured easily in a kitchen”. She wanted to remind all that at times our cravings, hunger, and busy schedule take ownership of our cognitive appreciation to those who prepare the meals. Chef Silverton offered Taste LA goers her version of the simplest salad dressing, Lemon Vinaigrette. Silverton states “I am not sure why anyone would ever need to buy store bought salad dressing after understanding how simple it is to make your very own vinaigrette”.

Lemon Vinaigrette

There was something so calming and effortless in her cooking demonstration. She offered quick tips most do not know with such simple cooking essentials, such as her version of a hardboiled egg, or how to assemble the salad. It is no wonder why Nancy Silverton is a food institute. She takes great time, care, and precision wither cooking skills and recipes.  Take it from a chef who only travels with her kosher salt box and her best knife- she knows what she is doing.

Cheers to Nancy Silverton- we will see much more from her to come!

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