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February 2016: What’s New in our Shopping Bag!


Monthly we discuss some of our favorite new hot items- This can be things from farmers markets, local grocers, or even items bought online. Either way if we are talking about it- we love it.

Matt’s Munchies:

As much as I try to eat healthy, it isn’t always very convenient. These days, grabbing a bag of chips while walking out the door is a lot more time efficient than slicing up an apple or peeling a mango. That’s why I love Matt’s Munchies, 100% real fruit in an easy to eat package. These little chewy puree squares offer big juicy taste, perfect for people like me who are always on the go. With fruits like mango, banana and apple, there’s a flavor for all taste buds! My personal favorite is Mango Ginger, not too sweet, with just the right amount of kick to it.  The best part is that you don’t have to check a long list of ingredients because there is only one, the fruit! I now see why it’s known as the premium fruit snack.


BFree’s Soft White Sandwich Loaf:

Nothing screams “American” like white bread! Whether it’s paired for the perfect bologna sandwich, or toasted with jelly/butter alongside your breakfast, you can never go wrong.  Now with BFree’s Soft White Sandwich Loaf, vegans get to enjoy the same great taste. Soft in texture, you can’t even tell it’s free of dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts and soy.  With slices pre-cut lengthways, this bread is ideal for loaded lunchtime sandwiches. In between my slices is turkey, havarti and mustard … You don’t even notice you are eating healthy! And my favorite part, the crust! Flaky and firm, it adds the perfect offset to the breads unique blend of flours, starches, proteins and fibers.


Eight O’clock:

But first, coffee!  I consider myself fairly alert and cheerful, but I am a zombie If I don’t start my day with a cup of hot coffee. By 8am I am out the door and in my car to join all the other LA locals congested in traffic; with the only things keeping me calm being Ryan Seacrest’s morning show and coffee, eight o’clock coffee. Eight O’Clock Coffee is always crafted from 100% Arabica coffee beans under the expert care of master roasters. The new k-cups are my favorite because they have the same great taste as the whole bean or ground. The strong and bold flavors in the Dark Italian roast is a perfect “wake me up”, while the medium roast French Vanilla is ideal for an 8pm.




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